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When renovating Hewitt Wildlife Removal, here on the Sunshine Coast occasionally our clients quickly find that either their funding or their possessions’ limitations does not enable them to create their final space. However, there are numerous savvy design tips and techniques for consideration which may help you realize your design dreams.


With space at a premium in a tight bath, each millimetre of space has to be utilised effectively. A well-planned, hardworking layout will turn out to be a winning approach. The ultimate bathroom layout is going to have the sink near the doorway, then the bathroom and in the furthest point from the entrance, the shower or toilet. Suggestion: for decorative reasons, the bathroom shouldn’t be the first thing you see as you go into the bathroom! Ensure to allow at least 50cm between the rim of the chair and any basin wall or unit so there is sufficient space for the tallest user’s knees. Additionally, when planning your bathroom design, consider high ceilings in a small area, where possible. High ceilings will improve the feeling of present space.

As an example, wall mounted taps may create even more space. Decide on a neat, rectangular sink bowl on a round vanity bowl- these generally take up more space. A compact, space saving toilet cistern plumbed to the wall can give more space then a normal toilet. This last choice though requires thought, however, as pipes issues with a built-in/ wall mounted cistern usually require opening up the wall cavity.

An easy solution for a small bathroom is to use a pit slider rather than a typical door on your bathroom renovation. Windows will bring in natural light that will open up the space also. If you can not install /include windows, think about a skylight. The more light you can introduce, the more open and spacious your little bathroom will appear.

Very good tiling information can help your small bathroom feel larger. The larger the tile, the bigger the room will appear as a result of the scale and proportion of tiles tricking the eye into believing that the distance is larger. If you can not implement floor-to-ceiling tiles, match the wall paint color to your tiles to keep it tonal.


Concerning colour, lighter colors make small spaces feel larger, so prefer a lighter color palette above a darker one. Also, use one color for the entire room so there’s less visual distraction which might cut up the little room visually. Extra points if the color and entire room is white! Our favorite white is Dulux Lexicon Quarter.

Using a couple of key styling ideas may elevate your space saving renovation methods. A mirror is a superb way to improve a tiny space, as it reflects natural light round and opens up the space. Opposite a window is an excellent spot because it will double the quantity of light. Much like the tiling, play with a sense of scale and go large with the size of your mirror. A frameless shower screen will have less lines and open up the space visually. A tiled wall market in the shower creates additional storage when looking contemporary.

Consider All choices

Although moving any plumbing in a bathroom is usually avoided as it adds substantial cost to the renovation, occasionally freeing up space in a small bathroom is well worth the additional cost if it provides valuable floor space. Options might include shifting the toilet into its own separate area elsewhere in the home, or, when the washing machine or dryer is in the toilet, possibly moving them in a cupboard nearby.

A joint shower/tub arrangement is just another wise solution that can offer the household with a tub and a shower, (a strong selling point for buyers with kids ) whilst optimising valuable floor property.

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